Katrin Lopez – Francia 

Eri The IncrERIdible. Haha! I owe Eri a big hug for making our wedding a blast. You might be wondering what’s the hype with this wedding host. Just like other couples here, we decided on getting Eri solely based on online reviews by his previous clients.

So, days and weeks after our wedding, my friends and relatives were still talking how they thought our wedding was one of the best weddings they have attended. My husband and I attended a wedding with the same group of people and they were pointing out areas where my host did way better than this ‘popular’ guy who hosted our friend’s wedding. (We both booked the best suppliers in the industry, from coordinators, to photo and video and catering but guests still noticed the difference) They were all amazed how our host (Eri) made our wedding reception so much fun from start to end. He is WORTH IT. Woooorth it. Invest in a host as talented and (if there’s one better than Eri, which I doubt) HANDSOME as this guy.

See you on our silver wedding! LOL. THANK YOU, ERI NEEMAN! <3

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Eri the Man @erineeman


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