Ryan and Katrina

During a wedding there are a lot of things going on. From the catering, sitting guests in the proper seat arrangements, taking mandatory group pictures, reception rituals like cutting of the cake and speeches, and topping it off with a huge dance party. Time management is a significant factor during a wedding reception to ensure all of these activities are accomplished within the venue’s schedule. But most importantly maintaining a party energy and atmosphere throughout the entire reception is absolutely essential.

At concerts the hype man or DJ sets the tone and pace of the party while managing the crowd. And a wedding is like an amazing, once in a lifetime concert with your friends and family. The headlining act is the bride and groom and they definitely deserve a great hype man. They need a Flavor Flav. Eri was the emcee for our wedding, our Flavor Flav, but he awesomely did so much more. Not only did he manage our reception schedule efficiently without any lulls or rushing, he kept our guests excited and involved the entire time. Our reception did not feel congested or delayed due to Eri’s entertaining transitions and segues, which created a seamless flow to the reception from one activity to the next. His humorous commentary kept our guests entertained. But he also understood when to step back and let the significant moments shine for themselves uninterrupted, like the Bride and Father dance.

One of the memorable moments were a couple of games with some guests as participants that Eri incorporated into our reception.This is where Eri’s talents were on full display as he managed and officiated the games. He brought the best out of the participants and got our entire crowd involved. The games felt like a hilarious stand-up comedy or improv routine and our guests were the supporting actors, making it even more special.

Overall, Eri is hilarious but not overbearing, conscious of event pacing and flow, possesses uncanny interpersonal skills, and maintains professionalism and respect. Without any doubt Eri brought the party to our reception with a certain level of class and helped create a memorable wedding that we and our guests will never forget.

Ryan and Katrina

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